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Thread: Harlika Rock sling

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    Harlika Rock sling

    I got this second hand for a trip to the hills.
    45 +p@p

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    what is this?
    just a rifle sling or something more involved? can't find it online

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    presume its the rocky rifle sling? more like a backpack rifle carrying thingamybob...... could be wrong, google harkila rocky and it comes up.
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    I will post a badly taken picture of it if you like.
    Badly taken as the camera lens was misted up.

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    here is my best side!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    price drop 40 + p&p

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    Some one can have it for 35 posted. Hows that?

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    30 it's a bargin for someone now!

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