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Thread: Burris Laser scope

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    Burris Laser scope

    This has got to have been my favourite scope. I used once on a foxing trip. I did plan to use it more. But running your own business seems to see me with less time to go shooting(I prefer deer they taste much better).
    So the time has come to get rid of stuff I no longer have use for and put the money into something else.
    It is the Mk1. So the reticule is not the illuminated dot type but that makes little difference in my view. The drop lines are clear.
    The scope has no marks apart from some small scratches on the mounting rail. But they are small and dont show on the picture SORRY.

    Having a laser range finder in the scope is very useful.
    The scope comes with Bikini cover, remote activation, Sun Shade, drop charts(for the reticule lines), scope cloth and mounting spanner.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Magnification / size?


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    The scope is a 4-12x42.

    ballistic pled reticule. let me know if you want some more pictures.

    I will cover the postage now too if anyone is interested in the scope.
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    How does this model do the bullet drop if it doesn't do an illuminated dot on the cross hairs?

    Genuinely interested in your scope but must have been looking at videos of a newer model.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

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    Hi NorthDorset,
    A very good question that.
    I believe that this scope is the forerunner of what they now call the eliminator scope!
    You are quite right it does not have a red dot illumination, Showing you where to aim. This scope has a ballistic plex reticule.
    It also comes with some drop stickers with example cartridges. Here is some pictures.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    These pictures might not come out to well.
    I have PDF copies if you wish to read them a bit better. PM Me your email address and I will post them over to you.

    Basically even the hot home loads can be accounted for!
    It does exactly the same as the new scopes do but without a red dot.
    But then the new ones are a lot of money.
    I personally don't think mr fox is worth the money.

    This scope is in a very, very good condition.
    I hope this helps!

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    Now open to near offers for this great scope!
    Going on gun trader and back to asking price on wednesday night!

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    I still have this scope for sale. Any sensible offer considered.
    Be assured the condition of this scope hasn't degraded any!

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