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Thread: Greeting from the sunshine state

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    Greeting from the sunshine state

    Hello from the state of Florida in the USA.

    My name is Fred and I have been an avid shooter and re loader for more years then I could remember.

    I originally started hunting in New York state and Pennsylvania back in the sixty's, since then I have hunted in Canada, California, Colorado and North Carolina. While visiting in the south Island of New Zealand some thirty years ago I had the opportunity to hunt Red Stag but declined because of other commitments, yes quite regrettable I must say.

    Recently, I have entered into the mysterious world of loading subsonic rounds for one of my favorite calibers the 308 Winchester. I recently purchased a AAC 7.62 SDN6 to go on my Remington 700 5R 20" tube and to host a 300 Blackout I built from the ground up.

    Primarily, I'm using Lapua brass with Berger and Sierra match king 168 gr for hyper velocity rounds in the 308 but for subs I use Lapua 200 gr. FMJ. and Hornady 108 gr.RN.I hope to find that 10 gr powder vihtavuori uses in their factory loadings they are sweet. GREAT TO BE ABOARD!

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to the site..hope you enjoy

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    Welcome to the SD ,
    a real nice part of the world you live.

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    Hello and Welcome to the site


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