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Thread: 7x57 GROM on Deer

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    7x57 GROM on Deer

    I am the FNG here, so I will jump in. I am a big fan of the Mauser, I have 3 Swedes, an 1895 Chileno, GEW98 in .270, Gew98 guildgun in 8mm and ******* turk in 8mm. I have shot the most with the 7x57. I had some 158 gr GROM rounds that really worked in the 1895, 3 shot group at 100 yds that I could cover with a quarter. I shot a doe 2 years ago with the GROM bullet, dead right there. Has anyone tried these with success, might work better on the stags or elk?
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    Welcome to the forums whilst I cannot comment on the Grom ammo there is an introductory forum here and I believe it's the forums expectations to use it.

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