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Thread: Which Calibre .270 or .30-06 or .308??

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    Which Calibre .270 or .30-06 or .308??

    So I spoke with FEO over a variation to my FAC this morning regarding a larger calibre (Currently have .22lr, .223 and .243) for the larger deer species I have on my permissions (Fallow and Red) as well as the ability to take it abroad for Driven boar/Deer.

    By the nature of the HO guidelines and the fact that I have the larger deer species on the land, plus my brief chat with FEO, this would seem to suggest that I would be able to apply with a degree of success. I have also asked about Solid Slug for 12g for driven abroad, although it just doesn't feel right in my head, but principles the same as rifle in essence.

    Minimum recommended calibre for Boar here is .270 and that is what I used last week in France on a driven shoot, but am wondering what peoples thoughts are with regards to the Pro's and Cons of .270, .30-06 and .308 as calibres to own for the larger deer species and Boar abroad?

    Nothing set in stone, although I understand that .30-06 gives me a greater choice of bullet weight especially in the larger grain over the .308. I currently home load for .243 and have just picked up dies for .223 so will intend to do the same for which ever calibre I eventually decide upon, so what are the Pro's and Cons for home loading each calibre in terms of availability of components?

    I realise also that a shorter barrel rifle might be better for driven shooting when swinging in woodland, but am no expert on the detrimental effect it might play in its primary role for Deer Stalking here in the UK.

    Your thoughts/Suggestions and comments are most welcome before I actually take the plunge for the variation.


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    Been covered quite a bit on SD recently
    personally I would go 30 06 I've been over the moon with mine the last two years
    i know personally four or five friends have done the same in the last couple of months
    all really pleased theve done so
    As you have mentioned in your post such a wide selection of bullet weights to play
    around with
    regards pete

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    own a sako .308 aswell as other but a pal has a semi custom .270 shots very well and will do anything as will a .308

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    Given you already have a 243, I would step right on up to the 30/06, it's a great do anything round for medium to large game. Hand loading will only make it better.

    If you didn't already have a deer legal rifle, I might have said 270 for everything.

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    I have a .243 and a .270 but were I starting again I'd have the 30-06 as my larger calibre. I've used .270, .308 and .30-06 and the .30-06 dropped a boar stone dead at 150 metres, not that others wouldn't, but if you are going for the bigger animals I think you can get bigger cartridges in .308 and 30-06 than you can in .270. I just felt that the .30-06 was a nice calibre.

    The one thing about the .270 is that it's a good calibre for everything and for this reason I'm selling my .243 as I want to go to one rifle however I'm sure that many will say this is equally true of the other two, especially the .308.
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    Definitely the .30-06 especially as you hand-load.
    A greater choice of projectiles are available when compared with them for the excellent .270 Winchester.
    I have killed many hundreds of various species with both of these fine cartridges.


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    30-06 everytime owned one for 25 years I have swapped and changed my other calibers but I still have my 06

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    My would say 3006 or .308 persoanlly, you will find suffolk do not like solid slugs....I had no issue convincing them of my need for a .375 open for full UK use, but they totally dismissed my request for solid slugs, they just don't like them! That said, Suffolk are a brilliant county for being really easy to talk to and very sensible, either of the above would be my choice if boar are a consideration.
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    Hiya mate I've got 243 and then went for a 30-06 as well very sweet to shoot I was so pleased with my 30-06 fullstock I changed my 243 to a fullstock as well, the 30-06 is so accurate you wouldn't belive it and as for recoil its a slow shove nothing nasty bazil

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    No matter which calibre you go for, with driven in mind try a Blaser (okay, tins hats everyone!) Fast action and shorter overall length and extremely accurate straight out of the box = great rifle for driven and regular stalking.
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