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Thread: moa rings (ior)

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    moa rings (ior)

    hi. i shoot a .308 with 170grbullets. if i fitted a a 20moa rail how can i calculate the drop. i only shoot out to 300 mts i just wonderd if this would mean holding over less? if i zero at 100 its -3.5 at 200 and -14 at 300.
    thanks in advance

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    Just re zero and use as normal drop will be the same the 20 moa in the mounting system will just give you added elevation adjustment

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    As you know, you don't need a 20 MOA rail to shoot at 300 yards.
    A .308 only needs about a 6 MOA elevation to zero it at 200 yards.
    So you need to dial down about 14 MOA to get there with a 20 MOA rail sitting under the scope.

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