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Thread: Remington: serial number not matching bolt

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    Remington: serial number not matching bolt


    yesterday I picked up my new remy 783 30-06. All fine and dandy until I read the manual which stated the inscribed number on the bolt head should match the last three digits of the rifle - MINE DID NOT; the manual stating bolts are NOT interchangeable.

    I contacted the dealer and he received a response from the supplier stating that it has been proofed and is perfectly safe to use.

    I've already posted a similar thread on this matter but was advised to post something more specific, asking:

    Is it normal for a remy to have differing numbers? Or are all "yours" the same?

    Any general comments from people who know remys?

    please no slanderous comments on what I should have bought!😉


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    Bump to the top for Melgalvis

    Any of you Remmy owners shed any light on whether your bolts have the same serial numbers as your rifles?


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    Ive worked on several Remington's over the years (mainly model 700's and a few 7's)

    Not seen a 783 though it looks a hybrid of a few European designs ...

    However, the bolt and action serial numbers are usually the same - the last three numbers are engraved onto the underside of the bolt in a non wear place.

    The dealer may have mixed up and put the rifle in the box using one rifle and a bolt from another - it may also have occurred at the factory when the rifle was packaged.

    "the rifles been proofed"

    All well and good if the rifle was sent to proof as you have it now.

    But if its been to proof as an action with correct bolt and the bolt you have in another action there MAY be an issue with headspace- and I repeat MAY be.

    Simple checks:

    Does the action and bolt bear the same proof marks (Birmingham or London)

    If the same then you could check with either to see if the rifle was proofed in the form you have it - they will have a record of serial numbers and dates.

    You could ask the dealer if he had a 783 with the serial number suffix of the bolt...

    You could ask Edgar Brothers if they have supplied the dealer with two rifles (one with action serial number xxxx the other with bolt suffix number xxx)

    You could also have the headspace checked using headspace gauges

    Have you shot it before you noticed, if so were there any unusual markings on the ejected brass to indicate a problem.

    What was the accuracy like

    Etc etc

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    That's all very useful info red mist - thank you

    the response from dealer was "Having spoken to SMK the importers and suppliers of this gun and they have checked other guns in stock and they do not have matching numbers.All guns arrive boxed and do not get separated from there bolts according to them."

    I doubt the dealer mixed these up as he ordered this in specifically for me and does not stock Remington.

    Im very new to all of this but in short if i check the proofing details (call Birmingham/London) as you describe then this gun IS safe to use?

    It has not yet been fired and I'm sceptical to do so until I know it is safe.

    i will phone dealer to check headspace.

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    I have to say that if it was me I would send it back and get something different. Howa, CZ Xbolt something in the same price bracket. I don't think you are ever going to be completely confident because the difference will always be in the back of your mind. This will affect both your shooting and your enjoyment.


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    If the rifle has been through UK proof like this, and passed, is there an issue?

    If the rifle has the headspace checked with the supplied bolt and it conforms, again, is there an issue?

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    It may not be an issue, although presumably they go off in bulk for proof and there is then a chance for the bolts to be mixed up when they go back to the importers, but more a confidence/belief sort of thing.


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    Both my remies have the last four digits of their serial numbers on the bolt bodies


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    Reading this post i checked my Rem 700 .243 bolt and low and behold yip they don't match my action?? the barrel and bolt have the Birmingham proof marks, i will be onto the shop in the morning. If any of you guys have my bolt i want it back last 4 numbers 4374 i can swap you a bolt with 6043 lol
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    Just checked my 3 Rem700's and Serial No's matched.
    I must say that the .300 win mag action is old but the other 2 are maybe 5 years old and were supplied by Edgar Bros

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