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Thread: A Real Shame....

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    A Real Shame....

    I had been watching some Reds close to me all the summer and found this young lad in the road coming back from lamping with a mate last month....
    He was still warm with a lot of right hand trauma, I was expecting to see a smashed up car around the corner but nothing.
    We were 300 yards from home so put him on the tail gate, I open him up to have a quick look then checked right through him in the morning....
    All the internals were in good nick, but as I guessed the right hand flank was quite knocked about.
    I rang the council and was quite surprised when they turned up at the time they stated. (an hour later)

    Quite glad I did what I did as it would have been a right mess it a couple of days with the mild weather....


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    That is a shame, I think you did the right thing there, I hate seeing them rot by the side of the road

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    Yes have to agree, moved a young Roe off the road the other day near us. It had received a right thump with guts hanging out and broken legs. No car damage in sight so it must have been a lorry or something more agricultural.

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    It's a sad reality. Both for the deer but also for the motorists who are unlucky enough to collide with them...

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    Sure it's been on here before, but... like you say, sad for both!
    BMW saloon with deer in engine bay - Google Search
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