The paperwork is done and I'm looking forward to order my first two moderators, but it isn't sure if and when I'm able to buy additional ones.
Due to the law it isn't economical for me to order a regular known model from EU, so I'm restricted to a local manufacturer.
I would like to be as flexible as possible so I would like to know which range of calibres can be used in one moderator- how much space between the baffles and the bullet is too much and how much isn't really noticeable?.
I would like to be equipped when I'm going to add additional rifles between 6.5-7mm and 8-8.5mm to my collection, a 9.3mm silencer for the .308 I use now wouldn't make much sense -would it?
I planned to order one in 6.5 or 7mm for the .223 (5.56mm) and one in 8.2 or 8.5mm for the .308 (7.62mm).
The silencers are stainless and forward mounted, the first around 23cm and below 500g and second one 16cm and below 400gr. The mods will be manufactured on my order so I'm able to customise them.

What size would you suggest? Looking forward for your thoughts!

Thanks and regards