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Thread: howa are they as good

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    howa are they as good

    hi there are howa 243 as good as people say and if they are were is the best cheapest place to get 1thanks stu

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    One of my shooting mates has 2. First was a .204, next one is a 30-06. They are both very good bits of kit.

    With luck I could be a proud owner of one in .243 on Thursday.

    You might get an update after the weekend.


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    If you are looking for beautiful hand crafted workmanship then they are not the rifel for you, but then they don't have the associated price tag.

    If you are looking for a good solid accurate and reliable rifle that will shoot well all day long they seem to get very good reports. If I was looking for such a rifle the only dwnside as far as I am concerned is their bolt handles are on the wrong side.

    Heym SR20

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    I have used a few found them very good almost bought one instead of my Tikka T3 and there is nothing to pick and choose between them, when I looked they came with a mod and a Nikko? scope all in for around the 700 quid mark not sure what they are now.

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    Howa 1500 stain less in 7mm WSM in a Hogue overmoulded, chucking 162 grainers like thunderbolts! good, well made, workmanlike,
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    sounds good to me thanks for the info .eney chance someone knows were to get one at the rite money from a good place thanks all screechy

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    I have a stainless synth, screw-cut with leuopold rings done less than 200 rounds in 243, a friend is meant too be after it but the trails gone cold. only changing as I got a 6.5 on the ticket, personnel choice. pm your number if intrested

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    Hi Stu,
    Just increased my own compliment of Howa`s today, with the purchase of a 223 stainless varmint sc with black “Hogue” stock 550!! I now have a 308, 243, and the 223, all varmints and stainless steel.
    Generally, highly accurate and solidly made workhorses, and the Hogue stocks are more grippy than a grippy thing!

    Points against (all my own opinions!)
    I have owned a blued barrel Howa and imo, it was not the best blueing I have seen on a gun.
    The trigger is a bit basic, but it can be improved into a very usable unit with a polish and some slight adjustment ( TO NEW SHOOTERS !!ONLY DO THIS IF YOU ARE CAPABLE!) please don’t take offence at that remark, if the adjustment is ham fisted then the firing pin can discharge on closing the bolt! Bad news if there’s a bullet up the spout
    The fore end of the Hogue stock is slightly flexible, I have seen lots worse, and on guns costing two to three times the price.
    All the above are rectifiable or more than Ok to live with.

    Still bargains out there, but mainly stock bought before the pound collapsed against… er.. well, everything in the world really!

    Once this stock has gone I think Howa prices will be catching up with some of the bigger names in the market place

    The “Countryman of Derby” has some stock in now at good prices


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    thanks all im not far from derby il give them a buz an let you no thanks again stu

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    No they are not as good as most people say they are!.............

    They are much better!

    Japanese 'reverse engineering' has made a very good quality rifle for a good price.

    Get one - you won't be disappointed. The only things I've changed are the stock (for a Hogue which they now come with) and a Riflebasix trigger (because I broke my Howa one by buggering about with it!)

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