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Thread: paypal v 1967spud

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    paypal v 1967spud

    Seems like paypal are restricting us because we take part in the legal pursuit of shooting
    so at this moment in time we cant not take paypal or credit/debit card payment on-line or over the phone
    we are currently frantically trying to resolve this as i type
    please phone us 01263 732740 for help or other options which are still working fine in the check out
    many apologies for the inconvenience at this tim
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    Don't know about you but I'm getting a little threaders with this "you have a gun, therefore you are a bad egg" mentality.

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    Same happened to me earlier this year. Chap sent deposit for rifle and put 'deposit for rifle' in comments box. Account suspended. I went to my bank to ensure all avenues severed. Even had to cancel and reissue credit card.
    But remember 'people rule'.

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    Check out this site, it might help you find an alternative.

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    paypal requested a load of additional info about my "business". i asked them how ordering pizza constitutes a business as that mostly what i use my paypal account for.

    in the end i gave up and just used a new email address and opened up a new paypal account.

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    That doesn't sound right, there are loads of big shooting businesses using Paypal surely?

    Is your paypal account a business account?

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    Don't tell them what is none of their business - They are a bank not a justice department. -- Time to find alternatives methinks - thanks for all the links!


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    sad times spud try the mp route as they are trying to shut you down ,i know there are other ways but let them have it both barrels

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    Yes buisness csl and tthey help me set it up 3 years ago lol
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