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Thread: Free stalk

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    Free stalk

    short notice
    I have a FREE outing on Saturday morning for a roe buck .the stalking will be accompanied rifle also can be supplied . The only clause is that your a novice or someone who does not get the oppertunity to stalk on a regular basis cheers tam

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    Great offer Tam! Well done.
    Fantastic opportunity for someone

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    SD Regular Greener Jim's Avatar
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    Yorkshireman in Darkest Cornwall
    I can't come along but just a fantastic offer. BZ!

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    Nice one Tom

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    Shame I'm all the way down in Devon, what a great opportunity for someone.

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    C'mon you novices an excellent offer here Tam is a Top man with Top Ground.

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    excellent offer, well done. Shame you are so far away

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    Well done that man

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    Hi there - definitely interested - will fathom out how to send a PM - Matt

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    New to forum so not allowing me to send an e-mail! - need to add two more threads!

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