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Thread: Beretta stock removal.

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    Beretta stock removal.

    My Beretta EELL sideplate needs the stock removed to clean the action and was looking for a link of how to? Is it just the stock bolt and butt plate off or is it the sideplate off job?

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    Anyone know?

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    Looks harder than that. I found a method on another forum, but unsure if it's right to direct people elsewhere.

    I will PM you a link

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    If the side plate are screwed to the stock they need to come off.
    Failing that they just lift out once the stock is off.


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    I thought i sent you this on your last request ? anyway You need more than a stock wrench to pull the stock on a 687 EELL...the side plate screws take a very special thin bladed screw driver and the screw on the left is connected to the screw on the right,so you need two screwdrivers and use them simultaneously to remove the side plates in order to remove the stock .So one each side on the same screw of the same size to undo each screw if you see what i mean.
    the driver are screw sets flat and are for gun works never use diy B&Q drivers you will damage the heads and your engraving .
    gunsmith toolsProfessional 31 Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set by Pachmayr sold by Hannams Reloading 19:30

    OR midway uk

    Forster 8-Piece Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

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    Thanks Gents.... all stripped down and cleaned and will be assembled tomorrow.... Magic!

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