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Thread: my first centre fire rifle

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    my first centre fire rifle

    hi everyone ,just thaught i would put up my first ever centrefire rifle i was on a tight budget for this year but didnt want to wait for a new rifle and i baught a parker and hale in .270 i have later found out it is a model 1000 and made in 1980.i sent it to steve kershaw for a mod to be fitted and after that decided on getting rid of all the scratches and varnish so stripped it down to reveal some nice walnut which cleaned up great. after a light sand and lots of coats of alcenet oil i sealed the grain and started with the walnut finish oil.after i put it back together i fitted my new burris fulfield and a nice new sling from ash 243 which i have to say is fantastic even with the mod it balances well.Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	176in my haste to get out and test the rifle i left my rifle rest and sticks at work but went off anyway as i couldnt wait to try it off i went it was quite windy and raining so i set the target out to 100 meters and sat down in the grass with the rifle resting on my knee fired the first shot and i was pleasently supprised as i had heard all sorts of stories on the bark from a 270 and it was fine. i fired another three shots just to make sure they where all going to the same spot i could see they where all to the right so ajusted the scope and fired another 4 shots they ended up closer so another ajust and the last three ended up where i wanted now i know the groups are not as tight but i was over the moon and i know i can tighten those up with a good sandbag which i will be doing at the weekend before i go out on the 11th march with john. i would like to thank steve ,brithunter for the help with the rifle and ash243 for the bolt holder and sling thanks for reading and all the best,wayne
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    Wayne, I had a look at the supersized shot of the paint job on your mod,I was surprised to see a lack of Zimmerit! No, Seriously, A good writeup, I just could'nt resist being childish, I get like this when I'm Knackered!, Steve.
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    I like that rifle! I like the way the forend comes to a stop like it does, dont know why! .270's not as bad as people say, never fired one with a mod though, hope you get plenty with it.


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    hi guys thanks for the comments ,steve i thaught about zimmerit but too time consuming and i thaught i would be safe from stick on land mines while i was stalking ,but i see where your coming from,all the best ,wayne

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    It's come out rather well the beauty of an oiled finish is that you can make it glossy, keep it semi gloss the choice is yours but even better is that should it get marked a bit more oil rubbed in and most marks just dissappear .

    Nice job and good luck on the stalk.

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