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Thread: Fox ratio

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    Fox ratio

    Just wondering what people are shooting most of now. Dogs or vixens as the last five we have shot in as many weeks have been vixens.

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    Managed 4 last week all dogs

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    the last four ive shot,all vixens......

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    There doesn't seem to be any particular gender bias down here. We shot 38 in September and are on 14 so far for this month, they were about 50:50.

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    75%. Vixens for past two months

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    exactly 50-50 1 of each last night,a few cubs starting to appear moving in from over the borders looking for a cosy place to live.

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    Shot 4 last night, 3 were vixens, funnely enough I have noticed more vixens recently, cheers

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    Strangely i find the carcasses to be either male or female.

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