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Thread: Camo Tape on Binos

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    Camo Tape on Binos

    Howdy - have just purchased a pair of Leupold Cascades in black - is it worth sticking camo tape on them or will it not make much difference? - Thinking I should have gone green? Too late to send back so welcome your thoughts. Matt

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    I wouldn't,black is ok.
    Tape always gets tatty and leaves some sort of residue when you take it off.
    Movement is the main thing to avoid...there's the conundrum
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    Keep the tape for zips & buckles to stop rattling. Optimistically you might think that the darker binos help to break up your shape (well that's what I tell myself). Movement & shine are your enemies.

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    I did it with my old Leicas. As already said, it's ok to start with. Then gets tatty, then try getting the bloody stuff off. And that was no mark tape. Supposedly.

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    Really won't make any difference as others have said its movement that will give you away.

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    In many countries people wear blaze orange so I don't think black binos will be an issue.

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    I wish I'd put "blaze orange" on my first set of bins, instead I put camo tape on them and lost them on the hill.
    That's why I always laugh at camo flasks, wallets etc.

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