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Thread: Knife Strop Boards ... clearing a few out.

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    Knife Strop Boards ... clearing a few out.

    After Honing you will need a strop for ""knife edge"" results.

    All hand made and finished..The timber is normally of a hardwood, Ash/American Oak and Mahogany maybe Sycamore and some Clear Pine. The leather we tried to be kept to a minimum 3.5mm, one side is smooth the other rough. There are some leather that’s darker dyed variety, and used here sometimes as it has no effect on the tender of the surface. All natural adhesive to attach these on so they are removable if need be. I have kept them compact for ease and storage as well as you can place them in a bag to transport, size is governed around postage, as it increases if you go above 45cm OAL, but using another postal service of 2/3 day delivery prices on delivery are low. All these have been wrapped and ready to ship, sorry I have no call over what’s what on choice of timbers etc.

    Overall length on these are 44cm x 31cm of leather and approximately 7cm wide. There are smaller length Strops at 20cm leather length. After making over two hundred now in the last year, we never had a complaint, then again we never had anything!!
    I am about to move workshop in the New Year so all the stock will be easier to sell than move around. So we have discounted the Strops and the Shooting Sticks, so here goes..

    Attachment 48035Attachment 48036

    12 each strop includes posting UK and one 20mg Bag of Chromium Dioxide powder.
    I have fifteen to shift.

    If you require one, please PM me your details with email address and I will invoice you with payment details.
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    Gary Beechener

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    Attachment not working for me

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    Replaced it, thanks for that..........
    Gary Beechener

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    Saw a PM, from you, then it deleted totally.
    Gary Beechener

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    I have messaged pay pal info payment now sent awaiting collection

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    Tried the strop last night, absolutely brilliant, what an edge it put on my knife.


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    I have now just four more left.........first two with paste, the second two come without....
    Gary Beechener

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garybeechener View Post
    I have now just four more left.........first two with paste, the second two come without....
    PM sent

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    Pm sent. One with paste please.

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