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Thread: Running in

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    Running in

    My 4 year old lab is pretty good in all aspects of shooting apart from the dreaded running in..
    Any good ideas on how to stop it????

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    Unless you can run 30 miles an hour mate there is a solution it cost me 125 and it cured it in two short treatments .its not everyone's cup of tea but it did work on an older dog I had let get away from me my fault !
    The contraversial electric collar .

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    Corkscrew and lead intially, but it will depend how steady it is when training. Just ur basic throwing dumies all round him as he sits without moving for any. Ideally u would intro him to shooting more gradually ideally a day when ur not shooting but just standing on a mates peg with him so ur concentrating on the dog
    Also don't let him pick all the easy ones around ur peg that u can easily pick urself, and possibly before u send him for a bird walk him off ur peg a few m's so he eventually gets to know he won't be sent from the peg so should relax a bit.

    My dogs will sit nae bother when picking up, even when i fall asleep at the grouse with grouse whizzing 6ft over there heads never move, yet on the rare occasiion's i stand and shoot nothing like as steady they realsie i'm concentrating elsewhere and then 1 dog will keep pushing boundries with the other dogs pushing it.

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    Cheers guys , I could throw dummies around this bitch all day without her moving, but a bird falling from the sky three guns down and she's gone, ive been picking up with her and this is not as big a problem , but it drives me nuts when on a peg...not sure I could bring myself to electrocute her...

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    Give Andy cullen at Laochin gundogs a ring, he is not a million miles, he will sort it for you in a lesson or 2.

    Feel free to tell him i sent you.

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    Mines are the same they know when ur picking up ur semi focussed on them but when ur shooting ur not.

    Try and go out with a mate and stand at his peg but concentrate on dog, will depend how well ingrained it is thou.
    Possibly if u use a corkscrew for long enough it may break the habit/cycle, and after a while will be steady of the lead

    Only other thing i sit them in front of me so i can watch them and as soon as they lift there arse a tiny bit, bol***k, growl/no at them then plenty of praise as soon as sitting properly, even giving a treat if i sits nice BUT severely doubt that would work with any decent driven dog on a shoot day, temptaions and rewards be far to much for them

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