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Thread: Red rut over.....

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    Red rut over.....

    Well, that's that by the looks of it for me, been out this evening and all is quiet, a couple of very distant roars, but nothing compared to the past few weeks..... breaking with the recent trend for mediocre ruts, I would rate this as one of the best I've seen in the past few years, despite it being so warm throughout.
    I hope others have had similar experiences, roll on Nov 1st........looking forward to starting on the hinds now!
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    Still roaring here,but we would be later in starting.

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    Anyone know of the progress of the rut in Devon/Somerset??

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    It may well have quietened down but I very much doubt it's all over. I watched a hind being served yesterday, if she gets pregnant from that in theory it's a June 6th calf next year. If you think the rut is over you must not be expecting to see any red calves born after the first week in June. I don't think so!

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    Sika seem to be just started over the past week here in NI.

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    Still roaring over here. First roar seen and heard was 26th August. Roaring only started in North Uist at the beginning of October. Stags still holding hinds although some areas the hinds have young stags with them so they're either all finished or weren't picked up. 6 stags taken this week, one old boy with only one eye being the highlight.

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    Hope not not getting back to the UK till the 21st, I now it will be out of season but still want to see some action even if I can't shoot them.


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    The rut usually starts slowly, peaks and then tails off, it rarely if ever stops suddenly. I've seen hinds being served well into November, they don't always take and cycle back in again or are young hinds who are just up to weight, but the bulk of our hinds that are going to calve next year are covered by now. there is always a few late and a few early, nature likes to cover her bases.

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    Was up near Braemar last sunday and they were roaring then.

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