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Thread: Tikka T3 varmint vs Tikka T3 tacticle

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    Tikka T3 varmint vs Tikka T3 tacticle

    Hi all

    Does anyone have any experience of the tikka t3 varmint and tacticle? I've had the varmint in .308 for a while and fancy a change for another .308. Can't fault the accuracy of my current rifle. I gave a friend a go on it the other day who'd never touch a gun before. He got five bullets in a 50 pence peace size at 100 yards couldn't believe it! From the tikka website rifles are essentially the same with the tacticle having everything upgraded. Is it worth the money? Is it a better rifle? I enjoy a bit a long range work on the paper or steal plates as well as the hunting, any other recommendations gratefully received.


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    Do not waste your money!

    The only difference in the barreled action is parkerised finish. There will be no accuracy gain over the varmint you already own.
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    Cheers for reply. Inclined to agree, new scope then instead! Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by purdeydog View Post
    Cheers for reply. Inclined to agree, new scope then instead! Lol
    No. No. No. It sounds like your current rifle & scope are working well. Time to get ANOTHER gun.

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    good timing on this thread,i'm toying with which tikka 223 to buy.the tactical has a lead lapped barrel picatinny rail and a few bits n bobs 1400+ or a hunter nice and light and sub 900.

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    But you can buy a std varmint stainless for less than 1K and add a rail of your choice. That's always the route I have gone down. The stock additions make no difference to me and the saving of 400 is too great to ignore, and in reality that 400 nearly buys you a GRS stock. I would but one of those as an upgrade to a tds varmint stainless

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    Just got myself a Varmint in .308, be interested to know what bullet weights you're using. The 1 in 11 twist and 20 inch barrel have me wondering if my 150gr is the best choice.

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    Depending on the types of range you are shooting. 155/168 Amax work well, if going over 900yds ish, try the 175smk. The 175 smk works well over 10.1gr trailboss for a s/sonic load in the 1:11" too
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