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Thread: Recommendation for an Ammo Belt Pouch

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    Recommendation for an Ammo Belt Pouch

    Can anyone recommend a decent ammo pouch to go on my belt. Ideally holding 8+ rounds (.30-06). I'd like leather but would consider anything as long as it is well made. I have an old garlands pouch but it's very soft and the elasticated closing strap is easily loosened.



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    Spot a leather one on eBay. Item number 371152287385
    around 23

    Hope that helps.

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    Contact Dougster on here.

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    I bought a few of these from Westley Richards as thank you gifts & have ended up liking them too much to give away. I always found carrying loads of things on my belt annoying if I was jumping in & out of cars so most things are now in a bumbag that I can easily slip off if required. I slip one of these pouches in a pocket for quick access.

    W. R. Co. Open Ammunition Wallet - Dark Tan

    They also sell the more conventional ones that I imagine you had in mind, or alternatively buy some Norma ammunition which comes with the best ammo protectors around.

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    I use the Monarch country products one, the are trade members here, would buy another one if it ever wore out.

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    I have heard that Dougster makes some very nice leather items. As for pouches I have one obtained through fine shooting accessories (you'll find them on the web). Expensive, but beautiful and personalized with my initials. Superb craftsmanship. A very nice thing indeed. Holds 10 rounds but larger capacities are available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern View Post
    thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into all of them.

    Southern - are the photographs of pouches that you have made?

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    No, none are custom made. I got one from Westley Richards during a remodeling sale.
    Another I bought in an odds and ends box at a gun show.

    Two I ordered from Jeff's Outfitters. Someone here ordered one like it from him. One of mine was made in England, for Cape Outfitters, the other in Mexico, also high quality. Mexico, Spain and Portugal have some nice leather.

    I also have some cartridge belts for rifle and shotgun, and pistol, of course.
    One nice one I need to photograph is a leather case for the older style cell phones - perfect for 3 shotgun shells.

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    This Italian site linked in the thread on slings has some really nice ammo wallets, too.
    Tracolla per carabina, Bretella per carabina, Cinghia per carabina

    I have a cotton jacket with built in pockets for 6 cartridges, in the .30-06 to .375 H&H size.

    I have a shirt with three pockets behind my left shirt pocket, with three little slots reinforced with suede cuffs.
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