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Thread: Excellent Service from Deben

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    Excellent Service from Deben

    I owned a pair of Hawk frontier binoculars which fell from the coat hook, subsequently braking the focus rods internally, I contacted Deben after advise from SD. I was told if they could be fixed they would carry out the repair for free, I received an email to say that they were not worth saving(I owend them for a few years). Deben then got in contact with me to say they would meet me half way too the cost of a new pair which I was delighted about seeing that I was just going to get a new pair anyway. So I now own a lovely pair of Hawke Sapphire ED for half the money fantastic service from start to finish well done deben.

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    They replaced a scope for me once, I had trouble with the parralax adjuster and they replaced the scope foc excellent service.

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