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Thread: breeks

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    hi guys just wanting your views on breeks im seriosly considering some as i ended up with wet feet due to water running down the outside of my trouser leg when wereing wellys on sunday.

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    Can't go far wrong with heavy tweed. Gentlemans Gortex! If you really want over kill get the Goretex inner layer...

    Worth getting them lined though, can be a bit cheeky on the chafing front!

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    i have a couple of pairs,never worn them for stalking in yet. like jinga says make sure you get them lined. i get my tweed kit from john brocklehursts of bakewell, top clobber.they will make them for you but normally have some ready to go off the peg.

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    I always used to wear breeks when I stalked up in Scotland, but a couple of years ago I changed to gore-tex lined, full-length, trousers. I'd find it very hard to go back to tweed now. Down South I just let the trousers hang over the top of my boots but up in Scotland I put a pair of Kammo gaiters over the top.


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    dont think i would get tweed fr the chafeing reasons iv been looking at moleskin heavy cotton breeks

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    you would be better off getting a decent pair of boots than wasting money on breeks that you may use only on occassions and what would stop the water running of the breeks and down your leg into the wellies anyway

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    i hav got decent boots mate think im just going to have to put my trousers over the boots

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    Boots and a decent pair of gaters will keep your feet dry. You can even wade across a deep burn if you are quick enough without getting your feet wet. Besides a good pair of calf high walking boots are far better to walk in than wellies if your on the hill IMHO.



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    i do wear breeks when stalking but only when i feel like it , when i used to take alot of clients out then it seemed the proper kit for the job ! i had mine taylor made , plus fours cut high backed for braces to keep the wind out when up high seats and goretex lined and the colour of the heavy weight tweed matches the area conditions that i stalk in .


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    Hi, The best breeks i have are Nommad plus 3s light, warm, totally waterproof "layed in a few bogs in the past" never let me dowm yet?
    They are a bit pricey though, but you get what you pay for!


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