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Thread: UKDTR the Journey

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    UKDTR the Journey

    It has been a strange year up to now since helping set up UK Deer Track & Recovery (UKDTR)
    with purchasing Storm my black lab pup from Denmark last Xmas to present day
    Storm getting his first taste of deer

    I had put a lot of time and effort into Storms training aswell as throwing myself into UKDTR starting with Catton Park gamefair trying to promote tracking and training in the UK with many thanks to the BDS Midlands branch
    attended a tracking afternoons in Hampshire and Warwickshire

    from there
    UKDTR attended their first gamefair under their own banner at Highclere game fair … again courtesy of Dorothy and the Wessex's branch of the BDS... interesting meeting and chatting to so many people at the fairs

    led us into our first intro training day in the midlands
    A memorable day and where I met some real genuine dog people who were all interested in the same side of tracking as we were... some of those have taken that side a lot further too making the training all the more worth while

    the CLA fair was another great few days for us...the buzz and excitement of being at a show and meeting so many new faces aswell as old........ Tony also got us a sponsorship deal with Blaser on new tracking Rifles for UKDTR trackers... Many thanks goes to Blaser
    Also many thanks goes to the NGO for allowing us tent space.... and to all those that dropped in to chat....
    August was a busy month with calls about training and tracking ahead of our first Development day and tracking tests at the end of September.... aswell as our own track training and call outs
    our first development day went as planned... the whole day was run solely by Jamie
    myself attending as one of the group

    there was a fair bit to take in and a lot of interesting stuff which when bounced around the room tested your own knowledge but also built up your knowledge further
    with several hours in the class room it soon showed how much more to tracking there is
    I myself learnt quite a bit here and also had my mind refreshed on a lot of other important issues that are often taken for granted... to my mind it was certainly an important factor
    the shot site inspections were also a great learning experience and as the groups inspected them … just listening to the comments that bounced around showed we all knew more than we thought
    those shot sites got you thinking

    Sunday soon came around and a big day
    as 5 of us were taking the UKDTR 20hr tracking test …. though I was still reeling from a call I had to get my dog Storm and go look for a lost muntjac on the Saturday night..... A recovery was made

    we all did our shot site inspection tests.. 4 of those to look at and explain to the judge what we were looking at... every one passed those

    5 dog/handler teams were taking the 20hr old track test and one dog/handler team was taking the 4hr track test

    it was a nervous wait as each team came back with a huge smile on their faces
    showed the training they had done with their choice of dog had worked
    all those that took their tracking tests passed on one of the hottest weekends

    so the UKDTR now have 5 dog/handler teams up and running from Notts.....Lincolnshire.....Buckinghamshire......Ha mpshire....myself the Midlands and Warwickshire
    thou we do travel out of our areas
    Meet the teams




    Richard (myself)

    but also have contacts for other tracking teams in other areas such as the UKSHA who we are already working with in helping to recover lost beasts and some members from the BMHS

    More details can be found on our website
    and facebook page

    or message us on here

    Extra Special Thanks and appreciation also goes to the Admin/Owners of Stalking Directory
    John...Malcom and Alex....who have put up a with a lot over the years due to the dog section
    without the SD site which has become an important site to stalkers new and old, along with the many dog folk that look at and use it... we may never of got where we are today so quickly or at all
    really appreciate the support you have given us and to those SD members that have supported us in the past and those in the future

    many thanks not just from myself but from all those involved with UKDTR as our journey is only just beginning
    best wishes
    UKDTR ( Secretary )
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    UKDTR. Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    Well done Rich. Good to hear and see how things are going.

    Have you got the leather trousers yet?

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    Hey Chris
    hope all is well your end
    been a tough year to be honest
    no not got the trousers sorted yet
    but found a nice lady in your area to source some leather from....

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    Well done Rich looks like its coming on well. I know how hard you guys have worked for this. Hope to catch up soon.

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    Well done Rich and Tony and all those involved. Amazing how far tracking in the UK has come since the first training day you organised. From little acorns.

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    Well done to all involved a good tracking dog is worth its weight in Gold. The tracking test you passed is this supported by Best Practice and will it be coming to Scotland any time soon.

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    Thank you George for your support, as you can see from our web site news page if we can't help a stalker when we are called we do our best to make sure that someone from another tracking organisation can help if we can't.
    The UKSHA has also now got the backing from Robert Blaser with there tracking rifles as do the UKDTR, working together has got to be the way forward.
    6 pointer in answer to your question, the UKDTR and UKSHA along with the BMHS did all sit round the table with the NGO,BDS,BASC,DI and the FC(England) to try and come to some sort of standard for a trained tracking dog, there will be a press release at some point in the future as to where dogs for deer are in England, contrary to what you maybe leave there was a lot of common ground between all of the organisations,
    as for what may happen in Scotland I can't say....


    Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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    Nice write up Richard, Hopefully Archie will pass his 20hr test in the spring and will be part of great team you and tony are putting together.

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    Hey Stone do you think that Blaser will help you shoot straight couldn't help that one . Contrary to what you may believe Tony I support what your doing and think its great that we might! be able to call on a trained team to come and help if the Sh it hits the fan as it often dose. But that said you are the UKDTR and I have not seen any thing regards Scotland in your posts now that's not good.
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    Well done to all those involved in all the groups.
    Really good to know when something goes wrong you can call someone who might be able to help.

    Rich, your leather supplier isn't a Mrs Hanson?


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