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Thread: Fluke??

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    Shot a sika yesterday that had one quite
    hard spot on the liver. What is your oppinion
    on that. Fluke? Pictures not great, taken with mobile.


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    don't think so

    I don't think so. but i think it could be a tapeworm cyst.


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    The lesion on the liver is a tapeworm cyst.It gets the infection from dogs and is part of the life cycle.Dog has worms, eggs passed in droppings on pasture picked up by grazing animal part cycle stays in body waits until eaten by dog matures into new tapeworm repeat cycle .

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    Thanks for that swampy & morena,
    generally would these cysts prefer to travel to the liver or
    would they be anywhere?
    Is it possible that there is only one cyst or is that very unlikely?
    Animal looked very healthy and no other problems obvious.

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    Thanks Pete & 300WSM,
    normally I'd have my digital camera along.
    Left it at home because the area that we went into
    is very wet and one falls into a bog hole every now and then.
    Mobile also stays in the top pocket .

    Very nice pictures, I'm learning a lot. In hindsight I should have
    inspected the animal much better.


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