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Thread: Home-made Knife

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    Home-made Knife


    Just wanted to post a pic of my first proper home-home knife. Its 01 carbon blade, Scandi ground with stabilized Zebrano handle scales. Razor sharp and I mean razor,keeps an edge after alot of abuse.


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    Very nice, How did you form the sheath and how did you make the knife?

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    I'm impressed and v. envious. Would love to know how you learnt to do that. How many knives did you made before that one?


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    Thanks for the reply Deerman

    The blade is 01 bar stock, you buy it in 1 mtr lengths its a high carbon tool steel which is soft enough to work. First you cut the rough blade you want, then grind it on a linisher using a home-made jig set a 19 degrees. Then its heated to cherry red and quenched in olive oil and then heated in the oven a few times to temper and sharpened.
    The sheath is 4 mm veg tanned leather which is cut and formed to the sheath shape you want , its the wetted and goes very soft , then shape it to the knife an let it dry very slowly. This sets it rock hard and you can then finish it on a worn linishing belt, stain it and waterproof it....thats a very condensed version as such.



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    thats my second..heres my first.......its an old file that i found and ground to a blade

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    Hi Richard
    It isnt that difficult so long as you have basic skills and a bit of patience as such. There are loads of books to give you an insight if you look them up on the net, just search knife making...and some great sites and forums dedicated to knife making.


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    Lovely knife that Chicken - Something you'll treasure forever.

    Very nice.

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    Pete, well done. Really fine knives and sheaths. Well impressed. I'm sure that knifemaking isn't as easy as you make it out to be!

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    I saw this site last year, never got round to doing it though!

    Is the leather easy enough to buy? I have a few old files which I might have a go with!

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    Leather is easy to source along with the tools you will ned and le prevo and they will guide you.

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