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Thread: Duke of Marlborough

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    Duke of Marlborough

    I learned last night from a member on here that the 11th Duke of Marlborough sadly died yesterday. This member describes him as a real gent and a true sportsman with a passion for his estate (Blenheim) and, I understand, he was a keen huntsman and accomplished shot.

    As a result Blenheim Palace will be closed today and next Friday as a mark of respect.

    On behalf of the site and the Admin team I'd like to offer our deepest sympathies to his family and friends.


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    Bloody hell Alex i thought you were thr Duke of Marlborough was he your father considering how rich you are

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    Great shame. I drove the beaters wagon for a couple of years. He even nodded to me once!.
    I fear to think what will happen to the shoot now.
    'His like will not be seen again'.

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    Saw him at quite a few shoots, and shared accommodation with his loader/ driver on several occasions.

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    I thought his wishes where to keep the estate open according to the times seems he even paid all his employees and tenants poll tax once all 150 of them !! What a gent eh and seems he didn't suffer fools gladly either even to the extent of his wayward son !
    The dukes and earls Ect of that era knew the crack didn't they .

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    How sad it is in this day and age to have gone through life having never bought a single piece of furniture?

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