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Thread: Rifle sling pics

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    Rifle sling pics

    Hi just wondering if people could put pics and links to good rifle slings
    looking for the wide comfortable type for a .223

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    I am also looking for a good durable sling for the hill..... I look forward to reading the responses to your post.

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    I use one of these and really like it and find it very practical:

    W. R. Dark Tan
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    I've got a tikka t3 hunter in .223 and a Sako quad in .22lr timber stock

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    Go to the Beretta website and look at their slings. I got that on on sale for half price last year, a left over from some package promotion. It comes in several colors, is very good for carrying.

    Search for a post on slings this summer. It was more about functional slings for shooting. Lots of pictures. You should get both a light carry sling, like a nylon one with plastic swivels for silence, and a Whelen style to lock in that light rifle for long shots in the field.

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    Moray Outfitters does the Z-aim sling and we use it on the .243 and it seems very comfortable , I will be getting one for my .270

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    +1 for the z aim my 223s heavy or should i say the mod is!but the z aim clipped across the chest and its comfy,atb doug,

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    Tracolla per carabina, Bretella per carabina, Cinghia per carabina

    Take a look at these offerings...some very nice stuff here. ATB
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    Shooting sling or carry strap?

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