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Thread: Pals renewal visit

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    Pals renewal visit

    I just had a phone call from my shooting mate who just had a visit from a civvy about his ticket renewal. Hes usually so laid back hes horizontal but he was in a right flap about the visit. He has a moderator slot on his ticket not filled and has been told it will be withdrawn.

    She also wants too reduce his allocation on all calibers ( 300). As its "too many "

    hes applied for a 308 for his trips to germany and red /sika on our shoot. She says his 243 is adequate for reds and anyway she doesnt think there are any on our ground ( myself and another member have 308s for this ground in the southeren uplands
    and finally his ticket is up in the first week of november. And is going to germany in december She says theres no chance of it being back for then as they are busy

    surely its not the remit of the FLO to leave a law abiding citizen in destress over what i think is a complete non issue. Ive advised him to contact SACS.

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    Oh dear that all sounds like someone had a bad morning and took it out on your shooting freind

    i would maybe try and get everything in writing / email and talk to BASC or whoever your shooting organisation is

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    Hi SS if its the same 1 that I had thats based in Motherwell she tried the same with me and even noted that it had to be cut on her forms even after me justifying my amount which is less than your friend , however head office over ruled her and kept it the same but id mention to your friend to maybe contact sacs just in case.

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    Same one mate

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    F***'in hormones can wreck a guys day!
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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270 View Post
    F***'in hormones can wreck a guys day!

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    It's his application, not hers. Spike her guns and send a letter or email to the FLD and request that the renewal proceed on the basis of what was entered on the application form and not on what the FEO thinks might be suitable. Relevant comments about her attitude and conduct might not go amiss as well.

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    If you've shown good reason for your requirements, then it should be given.
    If not, get your ticket renewal done (how she sees fit), and go in to Pitt st in person and ask for what you originally asked for.

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    SS... speaking from experience I would suggest that your pal should send an e-mail direct to the licensing manager. Like many others in his position it's easy to fall into the trap of not wanting to "Rock the boat"

    This worked for me and I wish I'd done it sooner.
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    I was told by this lady in question I would not get 6 fac guns and a shotgun cert on first grant , she also made enquiries regarding my mobility (which was outwith her remit as an feo and my solicitor said she has breached the equality act 2010) after being informed by two totally seperate persons of high standing that I was more than capable of handling firearms safely.
    ignore her she is nothing but a licencing liability in the eyes of the real decision makers !

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