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Thread: Any ideas what this is ?

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    Any ideas what this is ?

    Hi all

    I've been clearing out a loft and come across these. My initial thoughts are a Dalesbred sheep that someone put a little bit of work in cleaning up and that got me wondering why you'd both with a bog standard sheep. It's a very symmetrical head indeed. I've popped a cup into picture to give a little scale.

    Thoughts ?



    Click image for larger version. 

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  2. #2's what Paul Daniels wears when he goes to a Viking-themed fancy dress party I reckon.....
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    I would put my money on it being a PORTLAND TUP . A rare breed originally from dorset......hope this is of any help to you.......scott

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    I would say it more likely to be a goat than sheep horn.

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    I'd say angora, I've had a few billies with good heads over the years

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    i wondered where my mother in law had got too! looks like shes been shedding,

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    If that hairy bit came off the head of the same animal then it's certainly not a UK sheep breed.
    The only British breeds I can think of with horns and wool on their heads are the Dorset Horn and the Exmoor Horn, and they have proper wool on their heads, not the kind of hairy stuff seen in the pics. Also their horns are much heavier (although the Exmoor has horns not too dissimilar in weight to those shown).
    Also, the horns as seen in the pics are at the wrong angle to be from a sheep. Are they actually joined via a piece of bone, or is it just a random pair of horns shoved together and the join covered with a bit of furry stuff?

    Angora goat is a good bet.
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    I think that your comment about a random set of horn shoved together may well be correct. The bit of fur - which is pretty manky - is a wrap that covers (as far as I can see) a piece of timber to which the horns have been nailed with fine tacks. I've no idea whether the fur is associated with the original owner of the horns or not. Actually, for that matter it's quite possible that the two horns could be from different beasts.

    I've just googled Angora goats and I think you may be right. Thanks for that.

    Thanks to all that commented - Ill be returning them to Paul Daniels wardrobe box soonest !!


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    They'd make some nice walking sticks!

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