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    Cz 550 american

    Hi Guys

    Im hoping you can pass on your experiance and advice. Iv been granted my FAC and as a result im looking to get my first .243 i am weighing up between two rifles at the moment. A CZ 610 complete with a 2.5-10 - 56 bushmaster scope and harris ultra lite bipod age undertermined 375 + RFD charge and i dont know how many rounds have been through it. The other is a CZ 550 American 6 years old with 500 - 600 rounds through it mounts and rings but no scope 370 local to me............................

    Any advice guys


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    Can't comment on the 610 but I do have a 550 American in 243 and I have to say I'm delighted with it. It shoots better than me with 100gn Federal, the only ammo I've tried that it didn't like was Norma 100gn, but as that was nearly double the price of the Fed I'm not that bothered! The trigger can be used a a normal 2 stage trigger or as a set trigger, I haven't yet used the set trigger facility as it works very well in normal mode. Anyway, I have to say I'm very happy with it, so much so that I may get another in 308

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    The CZ American .308 I had was rather thin in the forward part of the stock and the sling swivel screw pulled through it, at a rather awkward time too!!
    As it was new when I bought it, Andersons put a new one on for me with a screw/washer in the barrel channel and it stood the test of time with me for a few years and is still going strong with it's new owner.
    Apart from that and the 'look down the nose' attitude of others, it is a very good rifle and excellent value for money.
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    There are plenty of threads flagging up cautionary tales about buying second hand rifles, but all that aside I have had a CZ550 American in .243 for over 10 years and had no problems at all - other than getting some new scope mounts in 30mm just recently A good solid firearm that does what it is supposed to do.

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    All the CZ's and the ZKK Brno's I have had to chance to shoot or watch shooting have given excellent accuracy. Personally I am not so enamoured with the 550's styling and I think they made a backwards step in Americanising a good design. If the dealer is reputable if the rifle proves to be a problem they should help you work it out of take it back .

    By the way By-Pods are prone to pulling Q/D studs from the forestock if they are the woodscrew type. The Machine screw type with the steel ferrule that is inletted into in the barrel channel are better for Bi-Pod use .

    Ahhh now EMcC ,

    I know Andersons, I am assuming you mean F. A. Anderson of East grinstead , if so that's where I brought my Brno ZKK 601 in .308 on Christmas Eve about 12 years ago. It's funny how the CZ/Brnos are highly thought of in the US but looked down upon by a lot of the Stalking fraternity here in the UK.

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    what's a CZ 610? I haven't heard of one, unless you mean CZ601 (or BRNO ZKK 601)? Can anyone shed any light on the differences between a ZKK and 550 - Brithunter maybe?

    If I were you Dick, backed up by practically no experience I would go the CZ over a Tikka easy. Love the action and styling. No slur on the Tikka I just loved Mauser 98s and their offspring

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