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Thread: Swillington shooting supplies

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    Swillington shooting supplies

    Swillington have some real customer service skills, ordered from their E bay shop, item delivered promptly, using a carrier that has real time vehicle / parcel tracking, I could see where the guy's van was at any stage in the process!, When the delivery is made say to your next door or across the road, the driver takes a pic of the front of the address! showing where & when delivered, this info comes straight to my phone, They also have an excellent returns policy too, (for when I order the wrong size!). More traders like this would make life much more simple for buying @ distance.
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    Got to agree they support the SLDG and I have nothing but good to say about them. We pissed them about something awful with Fleece sizes and they fixed everything out.Waiting for boots just now but have been told I need to wait till chris gets back from Scotland .How dare he go stalking!!
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    Yep. The correlates with my dealings with them over the phone. Have ordered a few bits including my recent new rifle setup. They really do give good customer service.

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    Ditto always faultless.
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