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Thread: what do you think of this

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    what do you think of this

    out today and walking a large wood we been doing for a while now and come across this chap...what do you boys think...

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    We think you should tell us where this wood is.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    yup, i'll second that!

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    Where has its ears gone ?????????

    edit ,
    Just done the zoom bit !
    Its ears are there and they are at least half the length of the antler.
    It would be interesting to see him when he is clean ??
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    Looks like a stonking head which will be gold medal quality, is it a wood that you manage ? if so congratulations.

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    he is a clonker, he reminds me of one we saw last year malc.

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    looks more like an ibex to me, but then what do I know!


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    Hi Eddie
    How are you mate, bet the bugger will take some finding once he's shootable


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    Apollo... Fantastic Picture... Out of interest is he 6 points just hard to tell from the photo...


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    Excellent buck! I hope you let him Rut?

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