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Thread: Sako Optilock Base Screws

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    Sako Optilock Base Screws

    Anyone know where I can get some replacement screws as the heads are chewed up on a couple on my Sako bases?


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    I have just lost one of the scope ring screws on my optilocks yesterday.
    I will probably post one of the ones I have to a fixings supplyer to replace like for like.

    If I find a supplyer I will post it up here for you.
    Would appreciate if you find one to do the same.
    We can't be the first to loose or trash a screw form optilocks.

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    Sako Optilock Base Screws

    The ring screws are m3.5x0.6mm 7mm long, but need the heads turning down to reduce the size as std are too large. As they are not a 'std' size, you'll struggle to find 'like for like' I'm afraid.
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    hi mate, have just sent for some 3 quid bushwhere

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