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Thread: Nobel 82 relaoding data

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    Nobel 82 relaoding data

    Is there anyone outthere who has reloading data for Nobel82,
    I want to load some 1oz rifled slug and the only powder I have is "82" any load using nobel 82 with a 1oz load will do..
    I suppose that I should just go out and buy some upto date powder, but being married to a true Aberdonian for 16years I'm afraid some of her ways have rubbed off..

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    griff, I've dug out my old Nobel guide but it doesn't seem to be of much use. There are dozens of loads using Shotgun 82 but the information is very specific quoting cases, primers, wads etc.
    There doesn't appear to be any loads mentioned for slug, which I understand must be relavent to slug and not just a 1oz load.

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    Hi Griff,
    I have had a look at my Nobel glasgow book for charges for 1oz and cannot find any using No82, however I have found some tables using No 82 for 1-1/16oz loads.
    The charge using Nobel No 82 for a 1-1/16th load varies from 21 to 25gns and as a lighter load normally uses/needs more powder than a heavier one, I reckon you could try a charge from anything between those two figures.
    If using plastic cup wads don't forget to cut the sides of the cup off.
    A long time ago I have used 1oz cartridges and just replaced the shot with a slug and used them out of a Winchester 1500XT semi auto. Swopping from shot to slug and using the same charge of powder did not seem to make any noticeable difference. I shot a few Boar through gorse bushes on the Lunneburg Heide back in the sixties and didn't notice any difference to my mates using Brenneke slugs.
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    thanks guys,
    what kind of figures are they quoting,I would like to be around 1400fps..

    The case is an Activ and the slug from Siarm has the plaswad already attached.


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    The information that I am looking at doesn't show that sort of velocity, mostly it is around 1100fps. If you like drop me a pm with your address and I will pop the Nobel guide in the post for you. You can then work out a suitable load for your self.

    Eddi, I think your finger slipped on the keyboard. 21 to 25 grams seems a little on the heavy side to me, I think you meant to type grains. Would that count as a negligent discharge???????

    I am just about to try loading slug myself but am going to use the cast Lee slug in plastic wads. So I am interested in how you get on.
    Before any one gets the wrong idea I do have slug on ticket.
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    I went down the road of a slug mould, but found it wasn't worth the effort when I could by them @ 3.8 euro for 10.

    I think I will dump this powder and just get some powder that I readily have load data for.


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    unless you want a lot of slugs why not try s&b 1oz slugs 12.00 for 25 at my local gun dealers the last time i bought some last year they produce 3" 5shot groups at 5o meters in my benelli .


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    thats a good price even Jon2 couldn't beat that!
    Fotunately I had all the components except the slugs given, and there is enough for about a 100..


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