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Thread: yukon photon

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    yukon photon after reviews of the the new yukon photon xt 4.6x42.....this will be used on a rimfire....

    I have read mixed reviews so i would like a honest review from some one who has used one.....


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    Quote Originally Posted by exmarksman9870 View Post after reviews of the the new yukon photon xt 4.6x42.....this will be used on a rimfire....

    I have read mixed reviews so i would like a honest review from some one who has used one.....

    Got one last week

    for 400.00 quid its on the money, light, good picture
    it has the digital type of reticule with variable bits. I found a suitable reticule and it was perfect.

    downside for me, it doesn't have a external battery source, that if I am being picky is the reason I have just sold it and ordered a ATN x to use on the WMR better battery life apparently

    if if you can live with the changing battery syndrome, a decent bit of kit spot on for a rimmy, I would also get a decent IR. I use the pulsar 850 on all mine they are just right.

    I use my NV min 4 nights a week mostly all night, I don't do hourly battery changes, it get tedious hence I stick with the mk1 version SP3 and 5 and the ATN on the larger rifle

    overall. The MK 2 is a decent piece of kit, it's a shame it doesn't have a external supply jack point, otherwise I would have definitely kept it

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    How long is battery life on them mate....

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    Quote Originally Posted by exmarksman9870 View Post
    How long is battery life on them mate....
    when I run mine up for a test I had the inbuilt IR on full belt and I marked up a hi viz post in the area to detail 50, 75, and a 100 metres to get used to the scope NV, I gave it a good test run and it excelled in all areas, you won't have a problem seeing or shooting anything with a rimmy

    over that night I put in three battery lots, they are rechargeable lithium 27nm or thereabouts
    i guess you could turn off the internal IR which would greatly extend the NV batteries and use a variableIR externally instead on low power

    i found the unit a cracking piece of kit, the battery life let it down for me and you will need to fit a picatinny rail to get the eyepiece correct so you can see the whole screen and not have to lean into it.

    at the end of the day, it is money well spent, for the money, it puts your shooting in a different league, you won't be needing a lamping lamp ever again. Once you get it set up correctly, it's certainly worth having without doubt

    i would recommend a NV monocular so you can scan around without the rifle, and you'll have a surprising decent bit of working kit for next to no money



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    I bought phils off him, took it out on the sako .22wmr for a few rabbits only using the inbuilt IR, on the first two shots a clean miss then four straight hits, it wasn't till i picked up i realised the first two were at 150+, the closest of the four was 104 paces, it wasn't that i couldn't see them well enough, they were further than i thougt,so its definatly good enough for any rimmy and for four hundred quid it'd be hard to beat on a centre fire out to 200 easily

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    Are these much better than the mk1? A friend has a mk1 and i didnt think its that good.

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    i suppose i would only be using now and then and will get rechargeable battery so it sounds all good so far ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by dan71 View Post
    Are these much better than the Mk1? A friend has a Mk1 and I didn't think it was that good.
    What didn't you rate about if, if you don't mind me asking?
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    It wasnt very clear compared to an add on unit i tried. I want to get a nv set up just not sure what to get. I like the photon as in eye relief but an add on unit seems a better kit but you do shoot from a bad pisition.

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    Much much better Dan, a drone pro it isn't but then it don't cost the thick side of £2000, the battery thing aside at night the only limitation i've found is the same as you'd get with any 4.6 mag scope but then i don't tend to shoot past 100 or so as i've got it on a .22wmr but i wouldn't have a problem putting it on a centre fire for mid range foxing.

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