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Thread: Reloading bench

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    Reloading bench

    There is a lad on eBay making reloading benches to order. Have a look at below link.


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    I thought it looked a bit rough considering he says that he makes oak furniture.

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    He's taking the piss. The joints are weak, relying on the carriage bolts for strength. You'd be far better going to Ikea and buying one of their farmhouse kitchen tables. No greater in strength but a quarter of the price. Been using one for years, as have several mates.

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    I have an old pine kitchen table ... Style that came with 2 bench style seats ... It's in my attic ... I have bench bolted on edge at one end ... I reinforced the area by first putting a square steel plate on then the press .... Cheap & it works
    If & when we move home , if im lucky enough to get a man cave I'll get summit bit more luxurious


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