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Thread: Scope mounts

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    Scope mounts

    Hello chaps

    waiting on delivery of my new 3-10-42 scope on my 3006, I'm in the market for some good quality mounts, any suggestions would be appreciated muchly



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    Give us a clue what gun you've baught lol

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    Warne mounts on both my rem 700's cant complain..have u got picatinny rail ? I have kozap rings on my .270 nothing wrong with them either..

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    Thanks chaps, a sako a7

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    No I don't have a picatinny rail

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    There's that word 'Chaps' again !!
    Does it feature in a popular TV programme or something that makes it so popular lately ?

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    I didn't realise it was do common in here to say chaps, maybe use gents next time then :-)

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    Doesn't the A7 come with the 2 small picatiny mounts ?

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    Yes, the Sako A7 comes with Weaver / Warne style bases on the rifle, so you can use
    Warne permanent or QD
    Leupold QRW
    Leupold makes non-QD rings like Burris for the slot rails, too
    Burris Signature ( has polymer inserts, neutral and with offsets to center up the scope )

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    What he said above and I also believe you can buy piccatinny bases from sako and use optilocks

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