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Thread: Rem 260.

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    Rem 260.

    Hi All.
    Does any other member use a Rem 260?. All opinions and info would be appreciated.
    I think its a great round for deer and fox .
    A pict or two.
    All the best lever man.
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    If you mean 260 REM then yes.
    Great for deer and fox. I shot a large bodied red with mine and it just poleaxed it. Along with a few pigs, wild dogs etc.

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    There are several users of 260 Rem on here and I've built numerous rifles in this calibre for active stalkers.- it does the job (just like any other deer legal calibre,,,,)

    Shot placement is the key to success.

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    It's almost like a 6.5x55 but with a smaller case capacity, right?~Muir

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    I have a Model 7 in .260.

    Ballistically, the .260 Remington is identical to the 6.5x55, but the swede's longer neck handles heavier bullets better.

    Kind of like the .308 vs. .30-06. With 180gr and lighter bullets not much different. Heavier bullets, and the larger cartridge starts to pull away.

    If I was strictly UK mixed bag type hunting, I would set it up for 130gr Barnes TSX for everything and be done.

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    I to have a Model 7 in .260 rem, Use 129gr bullets shoot fox muntjack and fallow with it.

    Just to note I also have .243 and .308 But the .260 is my first choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian1 View Post
    the swede's longer throat handles heavier bullets better.
    Fixed it for you...

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    I use a t3 rebarrelled in .260, found 129grain sst's accurate and reliable on fallow, roe and vermin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rem260 View Post
    I use a t3 rebarrelled in .260, found 129grain sst's accurate and reliable on fallow, roe and vermin.
    Thanks one and all for your replys all very interesting. I to use 129grn Hornady spire point home loads.
    All the best lever man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jthyttin View Post
    Fixed it for you...

    Not really...

    Throat is a characteristic of the barrel. You can order a barrel chambered for .260 Rem. w/long throat, but the cartridge design is not optimal for the heavier bullets. Couple this with the fact that most are chambered in short actions and well...

    The longer neck of the 6.5x55mm (in conjunction with a longer throat) handles heavier bullets better for numerous reasons (bullet seating, case capacity, crimp, reduced throat erosion...).

    We're talking cartridges here. The standard long throat on pretty much all factory 6.5x55mm rifles is a direct consequence of the cartridge design.
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