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Thread: Have you ever seen anything like this !

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    Have you ever seen anything like this !

    Out stalking this afternoon culled this munty buck when it stepped on to the ride it looked like it was carrying something in its mouth once i had shot it it was found to have a hanging growth from its top lip about a inch and a half long and covered in short dark fur apart from that it was a very healthy young buck. has anyone seen this before and does anyone have any idea what it my be .http://[img]http://i221.photobucket.....jpg[/img]http://[img]http://i221.photobucket.....jpg[/img]http://[img]http://i221.photobucket.....jpg[/img]

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    Have you ever seen anything like this!

    Hi, Ladystalker..the buck has an auto-immune derived benign lesion similar in pathology to the Herpes Simplex Virus found in lambs, the cause can be genetic or acquired, the lesion is derived from a skin follicle and causes local abnormal growth..the submaxillary and retro-pharyngeal lymph nodes should be checked for secondary involvement and the carcasse although not notifiable may be better off being incinerated, just in case the virus is transmittable across the mammalian spectrum, hope. that helps

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    I noticed that there was no canine visible on the left side. Your alternative option is a pyogenic granuloma due to trauma and loss of the tooth. Was the growth hard or soft, did it produce and exudate like puss or blood.
    It could also be a tumour of some type but analysis under the microscope is your only firm diagnosis.


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    The knowledge here always astounds and delights me!

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    The growth is hard with no sign of puss it also has small canine teeth
    when grallocked the lymph nodes were of the right colour

    it resembles very much like a skin tag. And i have never come across this in deer before.

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