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Thread: Blogs?

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    Please forgive my ignorance but what the is a blog?

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    I hadn't noticed the blog part of the site before. Think it's something to do with making a running commentary on your life, if you are a celebrity (deer)stalker, have time on your hands and are into publishing your diary and thoughts on the 'net . Seems to be fashionable for politicians and pop stars...says it all really

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    It's a chinese marsh


    Nah, as Mauser has said

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    It's not everyone's cup of tea, agreed, but the way I envisage it could be used on this site is for outing/event reports or maybe for some of the pro-stalkers or stalkers who get out regularly to share what they get up to on a daily/weekly/monthly/whatever basis.

    You don't have to use it, but as it comes as standard with the site software it's there to be used any way you see fit!


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    Please reassure me that Twitter didn't come with the site as well

    Blogs I can take (well, almost) but hearing that someone has gone for a cup of coffee or to walk the dogs sees me losing the will to live


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    My life is now complete

    Thanks guys

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