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Thread: Need to expose a young girl to some puppies.....(legit!)

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    Need to expose a young girl to some puppies.....(legit!)

    Have the go ahead from management to acquire a dog (target breed is a cocker in black or liver)

    The fly in the ointment is my 6 year old who is a little nervous around dogs initially, fine after the initial intro (we have dog sat numerous times for weeks on end and she is happy to play with them, feed them and sit in their beds once over the initial intrusion!)
    She is also mildly allergic to some breeds of dogs and horses (few sneezes and itchy face, subsides quickly,nothing major)

    I am hoping to introduce her to a very small puppy so she can see it first hand, get used to the idea and critically see if she reacts.
    If it works then I would be looking to acquire one at the usual age

    Does anyone know of anyone with a litter or one on the way within a reasonable radius of Edinburgh who may be willing to take part in some "conditioning"!?

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    Good luck trying to pry a puppy out of her hands mate, I suspect you'll be taking the first one you meet home
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    40kg ridgeback do? He acts like a puppy...

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    I can help out with a photograph.

    Cockers can be a handful, and easily ruined as a worker, by young children, IMO.

    Just a thought.


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    Shame you are so far away I have a litter of black Cockers, 10 days old and she would have been welcome for puppy cuddles, also have some older lab pups so she could have had a puppy fest!
    Specialist boarding for working dogs in Staffordshire.
    All breeds of dogs trained, puppies and older dogs sometimes available
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    This would fit your bill..... For Sale: choc cocker bitch

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    Quote Originally Posted by long_range_rob View Post
    Good luck trying to pry a puppy out of her hands mate, I suspect you'll be taking the first one you meet home
    That's the plan.....
    I get what I want and it appears to be someone else's plan

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    We have had near the same circumstance. No allergic reaction thankfully but my youngest daughter is nervous about animals of any description. We had a working cocker and she loves it. A touch nervous about it when first home but soon got used to it.
    As far as spoiling a working cocker the gamekeeper we got the cocker from told both my girls that I was in charge and that I was to do the training and no sticks to be thrown or pulling of toys in his mouth. And I must say he was right. For ages the dog would only listen to me my to my misses annoyance.
    They are great dogs just wanting to please and mine has been great with the kids

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    Bewsher - If you come up to the BDS Highlands Branch autumn meeting in Strathconon next sunday she can see Maxie's litter of golden retriever puppies which were born here last week.


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    Thanks Ian
    bit far am afraid

    any breed will do
    just trying to demonstrate that they start off very small!

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