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Thread: What waterproof trousers for stalking

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    What waterproof trousers for stalking

    Hi all need some help am going stalking to scotland in nov need some waterproof trousers don't know what to get, or should I stay with combats with goretex over trousers. Any help would be great thanks

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    If hiking into hilly/mountainous areas then my preference would always be boot, gaiters, and lightweight quick drying trousers as you can't take a (comparatively) thick pair of waterproof trousers off if you get hot and sweaty. You can have a pair of lightweight gortex overtrousers in back up if the weather turns or for crawling through heather on the final approach. If you are being chauffuered up into the hills on an ATV for a short stalk when you get there then perhaps waterproof trousers might be the thing to wear.

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    +1 as per tac b over trousers is my choice too as you can always remove them and its a bugger walking in wet thick trousers ! iv just got a pair of H/pro hunters very nice but use i have seeland /beater/keepers for years. for winter walking with no probs and been dry as i could be .

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    I bought a MTP Goretex Jacket and trousers from Military Surplus UK and find them perfect. Light to carry rolled up and easy to get on as the MTP version has large zips on the legs to get over boots. Price was outstanding too. I have also got the Ridgeline Roar trousers but as has been said if you are trekking up the hill and the weather isnt too bad you would be cooking a bit. I was hillwalking with the milsurp jacket on which dealt with the heavy showers and never did put on the goretex trousers as I had on quick drying hiking trousers.

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