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Thread: Bsa cf2 243 wanted

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    Bsa cf2 243 wanted

    Hi lads, I'm looking for a bsa cf2 243 for my first rifle, must be excellent condition, cash withing, thanks tim,

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    You haven't got Alzheimer's have you Tim or do I have deja vue, it seems like you asked the same questions about a .243w CF2 and DSC1 last year.
    Haven't you managed to find a CF2 in .243w yet, they aren't that rare if you look on sites such as Guntrader and Gunstar. I'm sure that quite a few have cropped up over the last 12 months.
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    I'm sure you've already looked there though. I'm sure if you asked the sellers who have not posted pictures they would email you some.

    May I ask why only a CF2?
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    Great choice, got started in this country stalking with one in 30-06 bought from Bapty and co for 100 - had only ever been used as a film prop.

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    Just looking for the right cf really, there are a few out there but not what I'm looking for, just really like the cf and a lot of gun for the money,

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    I had a CF2 in 243 but much preferred the 1100/1200 PH models
    I have a Majestic and a Midland too but still think some of the PH stuff is nicer quality and stock style.

    I find the CF2 a bulky design in short action cartridges

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