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Thread: Screwing up Already

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    Screwing up Already

    Hello, I am from Kalamazoo, Michigan, I am a cabinetmaker/finish carpenter. I was a Gunner's Mate in the USNavy for 5 years, qualified on all our small arms up to M2 .50 machine gun. I was a mount captain on a 3"50 twin mount and served on a 5"54 dual purpose gun.
    I really enjoy stalking and have had some of my best luck in the late fall/winter in the snow and rain. I have taken whitetails with bow, rifle and muzzleloader, but the centerfire rifle is the best. I have 8 Mausers in various calibers, .243, 6.5x55, .270, 7x57, 8mm. I have just started reloading in 6.5x55, 7x57 and .270, trying to stick with one powder, Reloader 22. If anyone has a better choice, please let me know. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Cheers from America's High Five!

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    try reloader 17 i been told it is very good

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    Welcome, found reloader 19 very good in .243 apart from the actual loading would tend to stick in the funnel, switched to ball powder for easier loading.

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    Have you tried N165? I find it very good in 243/260.

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    Thanks for the helpful tips, I am going to use up the last # of Reloader 22. I may try IMR4064 or Reloader 17 or 19, whichever
    I can use for all three calibers. Cheers.

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    Hi there. It would be hard to cover that spread of calibres properly with only one powder, though the nearest thing might be RL19.

    Really, it might be best of you stick to the RL22 for the 243 and 270 and used something a bit faster for the ones in between RL17 might work.

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