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Thread: Draw telescope

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    Draw telescope

    Anyone use one as opposed to bino's?
    Much more traditional and a good zoom range (usually 10-30x)

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    I've used our CTC on occasions. Useful tool, the catch is though that they are not airtight (otherwise it wouldn't pull) and therefor prone to internal fogging on the colder days.


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    more something to use with bino's spot with the bino's then a good look with the scope.
    A hill or open ground tool I would say.
    I have the CTC 85 and it's quite a lump too.

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    Well I was thinking about one of the 20x50 yukon scouts, just so I can give it a try.
    My stalking rifle has open sights so I need something for the odd glass over the fields

    Is it bad that I actually like that it may fog up? Adds to the challenge don't you think
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    Always used a traditional brass and leather draw scope on the hill, but as well as binos not instead of, don't see one being of any advantage in lowland stalking, but they can save a lot of walking on the hill.

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    First of all, before you buy anything, consider a Nickel or Hertel and Reuss off somewhere like ebay as they often sell for less than 100 and the optics in them are quite usable. Don't pay big money for them, you see people making all sorts of claims and asking for 200+ but if you wait you will get one for 100 or less, maybe as little as 50. They have a good zoom range but, to be honest, 30 - 35X is about the useful limit. I have an Optolyth 30X80 and while these are more money they also offer a bigger lens out front which means more light getting into the scope. The good folks in the Glasgow Binocular Repair Centre can work on all these scopes and have them back up and running often for very little money. For example:

    Optolyth 30x80 (Germany) CERALIN telescope, spotting scope for astronomy/animal | eBay

    I use my Optolyth quite a bit even in forestry stalking for just lying up and watching what moves about on the ground. It will never be a replacement for binoculars as the scope does a different job but if you can get a vantage point then you can watch an awful lot of ground and this can give you a lot of info about deer movement and distribution. I've never had it fog up on me when using it. However, because they expand and contract when you open and close them they can't be made airtight so over time they suck in damp air and dust and fungus growing on the inside of the lenses is a common problem, though one that is generally easy to fix. The Optolyth is a lot heavier than the Hertel and Reuss and so is harder to carry if you walk a lot.

    They are, of course, also ideal on the hill and more open ground and are next to useless for anything closer than 200 yards or so in practical terms

    Most of the older draw scopes have lost all the money they are ever going to lose so you could buy a decent Hertel and Reuss and if you don't like it you can probably sell it for what you paid for it and optically it is actually quite impressive, especially if you only pay 50 for it.
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    Previous poster mentions dust, fungus etc on the lenses , one advantage of the traditional scopes is that they can be taken apart by hand and the lenses cleaned, a few minutes work at most.

    Mine is around a hundred years old now and still as good as new, apart from a few battle scars which you would expect from something that's had a working life of almost a hundred years.

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    Cheers lads. I'll check out some of the used german ones and see if I can get one. If not I'll get a yukon just to try

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    I use mine for spotting when lamping- Gray 3 draw

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    Swarovski made one until very recently, and still may make it. So there are used ones out there.

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