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    roe buck

    i was out stalking the other morning for the last few does that needed off this season. i was up a high seat waiting for enough light to have a walk about when i nice roe buck poped out just in frount of me he was a beuty and i notesed he had rubbed the velvet off the top of his antlers he needs a few more years on him yet but i'll be keeping an eye on him.
    has any one else seen roe shedding velvet this early?

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    Yes,depends on where you are situated, but I would suggest that he may be older than you think, older bucks are first to clean
    and would suspect that he is a mature buck if has started to shed this early.

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    The guy i run the stalking with in Hampshire "Phil" said he saw one about 3 weeks almost clean that he glassed from a high seat now I would say that early was a freak animal and something had gone wrong as it didn't look like a mature buck either...


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    I've been watching a mature buck in Cheshire that started rubbing velvet off over a week ago....


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    Could a growing buck get frostbite in the tips of his antlers ?????

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    2434me, yes is the answer.

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    l saw a clean buck a week ago, looking over last years records it was about the same time last year.

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    I saw a clean mature buck on sunday morning and his antlers were starting to colour up.

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