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Thread: Privi Partisan Swindon Area

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    Privi Partisan Swindon Area

    I am looking to get some Privi for my 30.06 to harvest for the brass, does any one know of a shop in the Swindon area that sells it?


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    try Dauntsey guns

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilishdave View Post

    Many thanks, will drop in there during the week

    Top shop with plenty of choice of when it comes to ammo!

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    Dauntsy had none in stock but can get it quite quick, they did for me when I wanted some.
    If it is only the brass you are after, I still have 100 new left over if you can't get any from Dauntsey or need it before they can get it in.
    You can have those for the same price or plus 5.00 if you want them posted.

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    popped in today, they have great stock, thanks again for the pointer.

    Kind Regards


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