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Thread: Pulsar. NV 750

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    Pulsar. NV 750

    Hi Guys

    got the pulsar 750 on trial / test before purchase

    it has worked out pretty good all round with exception that the picture seems grainy, I have tried two types of external IR and the usual adjustments

    anyone using one at the moment and have any tips, I haven't used a doubler just as it comes out of the box



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    What's your level of ambient light?

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    Light pollution can be a problem near towns. Make sure built in IR is off. Zero in the field against black target white bull and adjust contrast to get pin sharp.
    I use a nightmaster 800ir and a Marky T20 ir

    I have just read one of your other posts and you say your using a Pulsar 850ir. ALL Pulsar ir's have filters fitted and you will get a grainy image. Get yourself a Marky T20 ir from Markey on this site or via his ebay site
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    Pulsar X850 don't have the filter, but also they don't have the legs of T20's either

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    Cheers Guys

    all info greatly appreciated, will sort IR and have another looksee



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    I use the the N550 with doubler and the built in IR is not the best, I did have the optional IR 940 add on an that improved things quite a bit, I then changed this to ultrafire IR with convex lens and I built an ajustable IR torch and had a fantasic clear pic with these.

    I have now gone to the T66 torch think its from Marky as well and I can see out to a measured 280+ yard (golf course driving range) with a very clear pic. I have posted a pic on here o show how it looks.

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