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Thread: Returning deer

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    Returning deer

    I stalk in wood where there is also a pheasant shoot. How quickly will roe deer return to a Wood after it has been gone through by a set of dogs and beaters?

    Thanks for any help?

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    Almost immediately if my experience is anything to go by but I suppose it will depend on how the deer have been pushed around and how big the woods are. For instance would the deer have been moved around in a big circle returning to the area from which they have been previously displaced.
    In the distant past I have shot in woods that were driven only a couple of hours before. Honestly I wasn't expecting to see anything but the evening proved me quite wrong.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I agree a few hours after things settle down.

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    How often have you back tracked & noticed deer slots in your own foot prints that you left only 10mins ago?
    We call it being "back doored" ( You might have a different meaning to this phrase??)

    We also have a couple of species down here (chital & rusa) which aren't happy unless they can hear lawn mowers & the radio or TV in suburbia.


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    Again it probably depends a bit on what they are used to, on a lot of ground that's shot over regularly they don't even leave the wood either break back through the beaters or break out at the side and enter the wood again behind the beating line, in small copses they may leave but are likely to return quite quickly.

    Roe are very quick to except any type of activity that happens on a fairly regular basis, look at how many live in urban environments, people traffic noise etc.

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    Thanks guys for comments. As with a lot of this its confidence and I feel better now that I won't be wasting my time.


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